Gel brush complete set 15 pieces white


Complete gel brush set in different sizes – ideal for nail modeling with gel and acrylic

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High-quality 15-piece brush set for nail art .

Designing your own fingernails is becoming more and more popular. The white 15-piece brush set for nail art ensures individual work on the nails. The brushes are made of synthetic hair and are extremely robust. With this gel brush set , it is not to be expected that individual bristles will get caught on the freshly painted nails. They have been properly processed and have a long service life. A special advantage are the long handles of the brushes. This enables precise work without the acrylic paint being smeared through contact with the hand. The handles are robust, non-slip and fit very well in the hand. The gel brush set can be easily cleaned after use so that they are available again for the next nail art.

A gel brush set for creative women.

Clean nail art is only possible with the right tools. With the gel brush set , different sizes and thicknesses of brushes are available. The brush set can be used to create a wide variety of nail art creations. The gel brush set is so versatile that fine work and precise nail art design is possible. The brush set is a great gift for women who value individuality and have a good eye for nail art. With the help of the fine brush, it is possible to fluently link the most diverse colors with one another. Again and again new creations can be created with the nail art brush set .

Pretty french nails.

French nails are always trendy. A special French gel should be used for this in conjunction with the gel brush set . While in this design the nail tip is highlighted with the brush set using white gel, the rest of the nail is treated using skin-colored gel. With the Frenchnail it is important that the nails are filed straight at the front during the manicure.

The right storage.

The brush set should be cleaned immediately after use. When the brushes are thoroughly dry, they should be stored in a sealed box to ensure that the brushes do not stick or dust can stick. A dirty gel brush set can no longer be used for beautiful nail art.

We have also sold nail polish before.

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