Micro ring needle for hair extensions with micro rings


Micro ring needle for threading your own hair into micro ring extensions (I-Tip)

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What do you need for microring extensions?

Micro ring extensions are applied without heat, meaning you don”t need heat tongs or solvent to remove the extensions. For a hair extension with microrings you only need a microring needle, pliers, microrings and of course strands of real hair that have a bonding for the microring system. Now you can attach the individual hairs yourself with a little manual skill.

How do you use the micro ring needle?

The micro ring needle not only looks like a crochet hook, it also works like one. It has a small metal hook at the top. The handle is made of durable wood. Like crocheting, you thread your own hair through the respective micro ring with the needle. Now just insert the extension strands from below – the first extension is done. This is how you work your way row by row.
Important for later removal of the hair extension is a micro ring pliers to remove the hair extension.
If you have any further questions about hair extensions with micro rings – simply contact our customer service by phone, chat or email.

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