Palm rest white


Comfortable hand rest for effective filing, decorating and much more. The cover, available in white or pink, is made of cuddly terry cloth and can be easily removed and washed.

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A hand rest is an important accessory for a nail salon

Nail art without shaking your hand
This is of course important, but residues of the gel are also difficult to remove on some pads. This palm rest is therefore protected by a terry cloth cover. This can simply be removed and then washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. With these accessories , every nail art can succeed, which is of course also important for a good nail studio . Due to the simple cleaning, the hand rest is also clean for every customer, because cleanliness is also part of a good nail salon . This is how the nail art works really well, which is important for a nail studio . A palm rest is very important.

Hand rest with easy-care terry cloth cover
Especially nail art requires that the hand rests calmly, which then really succeeds with this accessory . Nothing is worse than when your hand shakes. This hand rest is ideally suited for every professional nail studio , because the accessories are an important part here. In addition, the customer relaxes completely when resting on the hand rest, which means that all work on the nails and nail art is a success. Professional accessories that are also cheap. This is exactly what this palm rest offers, with the filling being made of gel. So it always adapts to the respective hand. Therefore, this hand rest is also an important accessory for every nail salon . Because nail art only looks good when it is done by professionals.

Ideal size for each hand
The dimensions of the palm rest are: 30cm x 15cm x 7cm height x width x length
This hand rest is therefore really ideal for every hand. An accessory that ensures that the nail art is really successful. Every nail salon should have such a hand rest, especially since it is easy to clean. A dirty palm rest or other accessories tend to discourage customers. This is not the case here, which means that the palm rest and all other accessories always remain clean. Even stubborn residues of gel or acrylic, which are needed for nail art in a nail studio , can be completely removed here easily in the washing machine.

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