Stencils 500 pieces – square shape


Self-adhesive templates for gel nail extensions. Also suitable for nail repairs, brittle nails, etc. A stencil can also be used for airbrushing or other nail art.

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Nail modeling with template and gel

If you don”t want tips, you can also lengthen and beautify your nails with the help of a self-adhesive template and gel. The idea behind it is to attach a self-adhesive modeling template in a square or oval shape to the natural nail and then apply the gel for nail modeling or nail art with a gel brush – whether color gel, French gel or classic gel is irrelevant.

What to do with brittle nails?

Broken or brittle nails can also be repaired very well with a template. A nail repair with template technique is very popular because a very natural effect is created. The gel is then applied to the self-adhesive template with a brush. Airbrush or other nail art motifs are also possible.

How do you work with a template?

Precise and accurate gluing of the template to the natural nail are the prerequisites for a stable and beautiful nail extension with template. There should be no air pockets or cavities, otherwise the nail art cannot be applied correctly. The gel can then be hardened under the UV lamp and further processed with a file.

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