Professional accessories for your hair extension

There are different methods of incorporating a hair extension: The extensions can be attached with bondings, glued on with microrings or with tape braids. For each method you need the appropriate accessories to attach the strands or hairpieces well, so that they last as long as possible. In our online store you will find a wide range of high-quality accessories for easy incorporation of your extensions. We also offer express shipping in case you urgently need accessories or want to replace a broken heat tong. We will ship your order in a flash.

Which accessories for which method?

For a hair extension with keratin bonding extensions you need protective templates (to protect the scalp from heat) and heat tongs. With these tongs you heat the keratin bonding at a temperature of 200°C. The material liquefies without damaging your own hair, now simply form a round or flat bonding with your fingers and let it cool down.
For extensions with microringsystem you only need microrings in the matching hair color, a microring needle and microring pliers. Microrings are small plastic sleeves, through these sleeves your own hair is threaded with the help of the needle and the extension strand (I-Tip Bonding) is attached from below. This method is completely without electronic accessories and heat.