Bonding Extensions Accessories – Professional accessories for the perfect hair extension.

Our bonding extensions accessories have been specially developed for the professional application of hair extensions. In our assortment you will find everything you need for a perfect hair extension, from bonding solvent to keratin bonding, remover and pliers.

Products in this category include special bonding pliers, bonding remover, bonding templates, heat pliers and other tools needed to apply and remove bonding extensions. These tools are easy to use and have been carefully selected to ensure they do not damage the hair.

Removing the hair strands

Our bonding removers and keratin bonding tools are of the highest quality and provide a secure and long-lasting attachment of the extensions. With our bonding remover, you can remove the extensions quickly and easily without damaging your own hair. Our remover pliers allow for precise and gentle removal of the extensions.

Our bonding extensions accessories are suitable for professional use in the salon as well as for private use. With our accessories, you can easily and safely attach and remove your extensions, guaranteeing a long-lasting and perfect look.

Reinserting the hair strands

Reinserting the hair strands is an important step when using bonding extensions accessories. In this process, the bondings are carefully removed and the hair strands are cleaned and re-bonded. To achieve a perfect result, it is important to insert the hair strands evenly and in the right position.

With our bonding extensions accessories, you can do your hair extensions professionally and easily yourself or have them done by a hairdresser. This way, you can always readjust your extensions and enjoy a natural and perfect look.

Microring Extensions Accessories – Gentle attachment for perfect hair extensions

Microring extensions are a popular method to lengthen or thicken hair and require special accessories to achieve the best result. In this category you will find a wide range of accessory products specifically designed for the application and care of microring extensions.

Products in this category include microring pliers, microring remover, microring opener, microring needles and other tools that will help you apply or remove the extensions safely and easily.

Step-by-step guide: How to insert microring extensions gently and safely.

Attaching microring extensions requires some skill and patience, but can be done easily and quickly with the right technique. First, the patient's own hair is pulled through the microring using special microring pliers. Then, a small strand of hair is placed in the microring and the ring is gently squeezed using the pliers to securely attach the strand of hair.

It is important to take care when attaching the extensions that the microring is not placed too close to the scalp to avoid uncomfortable feeling or even pain. Removing the microring extensions also requires special techniques and tools to avoid damaging your own hair.

Our experienced team is available to help you apply your microring extensions and give you tips and tricks on how to best care for and style your extensions.

How to gently remove microring extensions: tips and tricks for healthy natural hair.

Removing microring extensions requires special care to avoid damaging your own hair. Special microring opening pliers can be used to gently open the microrings in order to remove the extensions. Care is taken not to entangle or damage the natural hair in the rings.

It is important not to pull or tear the extensions, as this can damage the natural hair and lead to hair breakage. Instead, extensions should be removed gently and carefully, using tweezers or a comb to help loosen tangled strands of hair if necessary.

After removing the extensions, the hair should be thoroughly washed and conditioned to remove any residue and strengthen the natural hair.

Tape Extensions Accessories – Gentle and easy attachment for perfect hair extension.

Tape extensions are a quick and easy way to lengthen or thicken hair. However, to achieve a perfect result, you need special accessories. In this category you will find a wide range of accessories products specially designed for the application and care of tape extensions.

Removing the tapes from the hair

Products in this category include tape removers to safely and gently remove tape extensions. We also offer tape bonding pliers, tape removers and tape compactors to ensure you have everything you need for the perfect application of your tape extensions.

Reinserting the tapes into your own hair.

Reinserting your extensions will save you time and money while protecting your own hair. Our tapes are easy to use and provide a secure and long-lasting attachment of the extensions.

To reinsert the extensions, the old tapes must be carefully removed to avoid damage to your own hair. Afterwards, the tapes can be thoroughly cleaned with our special tape remover. Then, the extensions can be reattached with our tape replacement strips to achieve a perfect and natural look.

With our high-quality tape extensions accessories, you can lengthen and thicken your hair again and again without causing damage to your own hair. Discover our extensive range of tapes, tape replacement strips and other accessories now and make your dream hairstyle come true.

In addition to tools, we also offer a selection of care products specially designed for tape extensions. Our products help keep hair healthy and shiny and extend the life of the extensions.

Customer satisfaction is the most important goal

At Luxus Extensions, we place great emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. That is why we offer only high quality products at affordable prices in this category. Our professional team is always available to help you choose the right products and tools and to answer your questions.

In summary, here you will find a wide selection of consumables and tools that will help you to safely and easily apply your hair extensions and make them last and look good.