Perfectly groomed extensions – this is how it`s done

You have dry hair extensions? The hair extension begins to tangle and is hard to tame? Or maybe you have extensions for the first time and do not know how to care for them properly? With our experience in the field of hair, we can help you competently! Because unlike our own hair, extensions need an extra portion of care – in everyday life but also on vacation in the sun, beach, wind and sea. The individual strands are not supplied with nutrients from the scalp, but are attached to the natural hair from the outside, so to speak. Thus, no nutrients reach the hair root and the care of the hair extension must be done from the outside. There are very good hair care products that keep the structure of the hair beautifully supple and shiny. For daily hair care we recommend a rich shampoo, a good conditioner, a hair treatment or hair mask and a nourishing oil for the lengths and tips.

How do I care for my hair extensions properly?

Already when washing your hair, it is important to handle the extensions carefully. Gently massage in a special shampoo for extensions – especially between the bonds and rinse thoroughly. Then apply an intensive hair treatment – starting with lengths and tips. Again, it is important to apply the extension care generously and leave it on well. The longer the hair can absorb moisture and nutrients the better. Especially in summer when the sun is strong, a good moisturizer is very important. In towel-dried hair, it is best to add a hair oil, a detangler or a moisturizing spray to comb and brush the extensions well. The human hair extensions can be air dried or blow dried.

Well groomed extensions can be super styled – tips & tricks

Many women want long, full hair in vibrant colors! Well-groomed hair stands for health and vitality – the right hair care is very important, especially for extensions, to avoid tangling and brittle hair. Often, dry extensions are just the result of a lack of care. If you straighten your hair a lot or style it with a curling iron, you have to take good care of your extensions afterwards to keep them beautiful and soft. You can also leave a good care overnight, so the hair is well cared for while you sleep. Our orders always come with a small care instructions for extensions, it contains tips and tricks on how to best care for your hair Extensions.