How to find the right shampoo for extensions

You have extensions and are looking for the right shampoo for your hair extensions? What do you have to look for in an extensions shampoo? After a new hair extension, the question often arises in everyday life: How do I care for the extensions properly? And in such a way that they remain beautiful for as long as possible and do not become dry or matted. Since a hair extension is human hair, it may be treated like your own hair when caring for it. Only in the selection of care products and application, there are a few tips to have great hair for as long as possible!

Extensions shampoo – tailored to the needs of human hair extensions

Many manufacturers and stores offer special hair care products for hair extensions to match their hair products. These are matched by the ingredients to the respective extensions. For example, care products for tape extensions should not be too oily, otherwise the durability of the adhesive connection can be severely impaired, which can ultimately lead to the loss of the braid.

If you want to buy a shanmpoo in the drugstore, make sure that it is free of silicones and alcohol. In many cases, these two ingredients attack bonding points and dissolve the bonding or even the tape adhesive. Products that contain a lot of silicones are also rather harmful to your own hair, because the silicones wrap around your own hair and prevent it from absorbing moisture. The result is that the hair and the extensions become dry and then gradually matted. Therefore, when buying hair extensions, we recommend to pay attention to the right shampoo, if necessary, ask the manufacturer before buying, which shampoo is recommended.

Washing hair with extensions – this is how it works

The shampoo for hair extensions must also be used correctly. If you are wearing a fresh hair extension, you will find out at the first washing that much more effort is necessary here and it may also take a little longer than with your own hair. In principle, you wash your hair with extensions in the same way as you do with your own hair: dampen the hair and carefully massage in the shampoo. Make sure to distribute the shampoo also between the individual rows or braids. Then rinse thoroughly and maybe even wash your hair a second time.

With a hair extension you should avoid overhead washing! The weight of the wet extensions is very stressful for the hair root and should therefore be avoided. Especially after longer periods of wear, the outgrown extensions can also knot faster. We recommend that you always wash your hair in the shower and rinse it thoroughly. Afterwards, always use a treatment and/or conditioner – these care for the hair and make it easier to comb afterwards. Do not rub the damp hair dry after washing, but gently squeeze dry.