Hair extension – a fantastic way to give your own appearance a striking expression.

The category "Hair extension and thickening" includes products designed to change the appearance and length of hair. These products include: Hair extensions: Human hair or synthetic hair extensions that are attached to your own hair using a variety of methods (e.g., staples, glue, heat) to make it appear longer.

Luxus Extensions sells only 100% remy human hair.

Products for hair extension

Hair Thickening: Human hair or synthetic hair pieces that are attached to the head to make thin or light hair appear thicker and fuller.

Tools and accessories: special combs, brushes, needles and other tools used to apply and maintain hair extensions and thickenings. These items can be found in the accessories category. Care products: Shampoo, conditioner and other products specifically designed for the care of hair extensions and thickenings. These products can be found in under the category of care.

Hair extension methods

There are many different types of hair extensions and thickenings on the market, available in different colors, lengths and textures. Remy human hair is known for its high quality and natural look, as it is selected and only the best and healthiest hair is processed into a strand.

The hair extensions are safely and gently attached to your own hair using a variety of methods, such as clip-ins, tapes or bonding, to make it appear longer and fuller. In addition to hair extensions, we also offer matching accessories such as combs, brushes and needles, as well as special care products to maintain the durability and appearance of hair extensions.

Selection of hair extension products

We have chosen the most popular colors, lengths, textures in the best quality. If you miss something among the products, please do not hesitate to ask our customer service. If there is enough demand, the items will be included in the store.

Advantages of hair extensions

Overall, hair extensions are a great way to change the look of your own hair quickly and easily. At Luxury Extensions, we offer high quality products and professional advice to ensure our customers have the best experience possible.

We hope you enjoy shopping and using our products at Luxus Extensions.