Hair extension with bonding extensions – the classic

The still most popular method of hair extension are bonding extensions. Individual strands of hair are attached to the natural hair using heat tongs or ultrasound. This method has been practiced for years by leading companies in hair salons and is now also successfully offered by many studios. Why? It's very simple: this way of attaching hair and thickening or lengthening your own hair provides a wonderfully natural result. In addition, the bonding extensions can be styled and styled, straightened or worn as curls – hardly anyone notices that it is a hair extension.

The individual hairs are carefully selected by us so that only the best raw hairs are processed. The hair is bonded in the direction of growth, that is, the hair root is located at the top of the bonding, so the cuticle of the hair is in one direction – knotting and matting is thus effectively prevented. Extensions that have been bonded in this way are called remy or remi hair. The connection point, the bonding, small and flat it blends almost invisibly into the hair of the wearer. The bonding is made of hard keratin and is almost insensitive. The extensions are pre-bonded and can be incorporated immediately after purchase.

Bonding extensions – how to find the right color

We offer a wide range of extensions in our hair extensions store. Natural hair colors as well as colorful extensions are available in different lengths. In our hair assortment you will find the most popular hair colors bin blond, brown or black, but also some mixed shades for great strand effects and highlights in the hair. Especially with blond hair a good color selection is important to see no color transition at the end of the hair extension. If you are unsure which is the perfect color for your extensions, please contact our customer service – we will be happy to help you. You are also welcome to send us your desired color or request one of our sample strands to perform a color match. We are constantly expanding our hair assortment, so there are always new colors added – so it is always worthwhile to browse in our store.

100% human hair extensions – we focus on quality

On the internet there are a lot of providers and stores for hair extensions. We distinguish ourselves by a perfect hair quality for highest demands. We achieve this through strict quality controls on site and particularly gentle processing of the extensions, so that you always have a high-quality and healthy product in your hands. Many hairdressers and hair studios rely on our bonding extensions. Straight strands of Virgin Remy quality provide a great result – length and volume to the tips. Hair for your hair extensions you can order on account or buy on installments – then you do not have to pay everything right away. The order is very simple directly through our OnlineShop.