Microring Extensions – a particularly hair-friendly method

Initially rather unknown, microring extensions are becoming more and more popular. No wonder, because the individual extension strands can be applied quickly and easily without the use of an electrical device. Since no heat is used, the application method is also called cold method, here the scalp and natural hair are particularly protected and not strained or damaged by heat. The individual strands have a specially shaped bonding (I-Tip) which is connected to the own hair by means of small metal sleeves. With the help of a special microring needle, the own hair is first threaded through a microring and then pressed tight with microring pliers. The attachment is very simple and can be done easily even by hair extension beginners. For this method of hair extension with microrings dense, full natural hair is advantageous to be able to cover the connection point well.

Also this hair extension can be worn for a long time

If you decide for a hair extension with microrings, you can also wear these extensions up to 6 months, depending on the care. For our microrings we use only the best remy human hair. As with the bonding extensions, the extensions are not supplied with nutrients from the scalp and are therefore dependent on perfect care from the outside. In our online store you will find many care products for the daily care of your hair. A rich shampoo, a conditioner, a cure and a good hair oil should always be part of your hair care routine. Perfectly cared for, you will enjoy your microring extensions for a long time – and the big advantage of this method: You can easily remove the individual strands again without solvent, just with special pliers. Especially with colorful strands, which you change often, this variant is the best and your hair will not be damaged.

Microrings vs. bondings – here is the difference

At first glance, there is no difference between hair extensions with bondings or microrings. On closer inspection, of course, you can see that both methods involve individual strands of human hair, but they are applied differently. Bonding extensions are "welded" with the help of heat pliers while microrings are applied without heat with pliers. So, bondings work with the heat method microrings with the cold method. Another advantage of the microrings is a relatively insensitive bonding udn even if once a strand should fall out it is quickly reinserted. Also the removal of the hair extension is much faster and easier – just try this method! All the accessories you need can be found in our online store! The hair extension with microrings you can order directly online and pay on account.