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If you are looking for the best extensions online, you will soon find that there are a number of suppliers with even more hair. It is often difficult for newcomers and private customers to find the right hair and then also the right hair color. With our free trial strands we want to give you the opportunity to test our hair and the quality of the extensions . Use this service to get to know our extensions. You can either use them directly in the hair or just wash, dye, etc. to see how the strands behave. You can also take a look at the bonding, i.e. the connection point, and simply use it in your own hair with the heat tongs .

Test hair extensions – with us before you buy them

Anyone who has had hair extensions before knows that there are very different types of hair. With our free trial strands you wantThe quality of Indian real hair before you buy it and also prove that the strands keep what we promise in the shop. As we keep asking: the test strands for testing are of course identical to the human hair extensions that we offer to order in the shop! The sample strands for the samples are taken from the current deliveries of our hair . So you can see the hair quality and hair color directly.

Our extensions impress with their quality!

With us you get an unbeatable price-performance ratio ! Our extensions are of the best quality because we have the highest standards when selecting the raw hair. Further processing is also gentle, so that the cuticle is not damaged and the hair structure is preserved. Since the extensions go through the chemical processes such as cleaning and coloring very gently, it is not necessary to conceal hair damage with a silicone layer. you get smooth