Tape extensions – fast and gentle to dreamlike long hair

You want full hair and maximum volume? You have fine hair and are looking for a particularly gentle and almost invisible hair extension? Then we can recommend you a hair extension with tape extensions! Here, especially flat hair pieces / braids are glued to your own hair. Sounds easy – is also easy and holds bombproof! Especially for a special event or a party, the flat hairpieces are especially good to provide fullness and volume. With your new dream mane you can now style and style according to your mood. This method is also suitable for beginners who simply want to try out whether a hair extension is something for them. And especially practical: You do not need any electrical tools.

Fixing the hairpieces is a piece of cake

This method of attaching extensions is particularly easy. If you order tape extensions in our online store, these small braids are already provided with an adhesive tape. Of course, it is not a commercial glue but a special adhesive material similar to the wig glue. The adhesive is resistant to heat, water and hair care products. It is important to make sure that chemical products as well as products containing a lot of oil and alcohol do not come into direct contact with the connection point while wearing the tape. The individual tapes are attached to your own hair using the so-called sandwich method, i.e. one hairpiece on top and another on the bottom. Your own hair is in between. To make the glue more durable, it is advisable to heat the sandwich again briefly with a straightening iron and press it down again. So you work from head section to head section and the hair extension is ready! Easy and fast you get full hair – but you can also easily conceal gaps or small hairdressing accidents.

Tapes – especially invisible

Tape extensions are becoming more and more popular, not least because of their almost invisible connection point! The hairpieces are attached close to the scalp and are ultra-flat. Especially with fine hair this is a great advantage, because bondings or microrings are often too conspicuous here. The Tape Tresses are available in different widths, so you can use them as single strands or as braids. And don't worry – nothing shimmers through your own hair, so that you have gained length and volume almost unnoticed. Isn't that great?

Tapes and accessories – everything is available directly in the store

For our tape extensions we use high quality remy human hair. We have many different lengths and colors in our assortment – so you can quickly and easily find the right hair color. The tapes do not require many accessories: you only need the hair pieces, an adhesive tape and a remover. Every 6 – 8 weeks, the adhesive of the hairpieces must be renewed so that the hair can be worn permanently. To do this, put a little solvent on the glue, then the sandwich can be easily detached. The adhesive residue can now be removed, glued with a new adhesive strip and the hairpiece can be reinserted into the hair.